19 August 2015

Welcome Back!

What's your favorite way to keep track of time?  Most people use calendars, refer to the weather outside or the latest burst of decorations on sale.  Me?  I consult my Facebook News Feed!  Judging by the mass influx of tiny adorable children all dressed up all over my Feed I've concluded it's officially time to head on back to school. Get your backpacks ready, pack your lunch, grab an apple for your teacher - and save big in the shop.

There are goodies old and new to be had in the shop so stock up and save.

You've been kind enough to make it this far in the post so here's a little freebie for you.


Psst... Don't forget to check out these deals as well!


  1. thanks heaps... but is the ellies suppose to be diff than the preview???

  2. Thanks a bunch for the freebie! Are you aware that the download isn't what is pictured?