16 September 2015

Cozy Autumn: School Patterns Round-Up

The final piece of the "Cozy Autumn: School Patterns" pack is here!  You can pick it up - as well as the three other parts - at the end of today's post.  Just a reminder:  You can receive the coordinating elements FREE with any purchase in the shop.  Download the patterns and get the elements (pictured below) free with purchase. 

What, oh what, could you possibly purchase to receive that amazing elements pack free?  Well, I 'm glad you asked!

Follow the links below to pick up all four part of your free "Cozy Autumn: School" patterns pack.



  1. thanks so much for the awesome papers!

  2. Okay, I may be totally confused, but I just opened these and part one comes as pp1 but is picture of part 2, pp2 is the picture of 3. I click on part 3 and it also comes through as pp1 (picture 2) and part 4 is correct....so I am actually missing pattern 1....is it just me?

  3. Okay, I figured it out...They are labeled differently than the previous post, so I clicked on the one I am missing and it downloaded as pp3...so I have them all now. Thank you!