27 September 2015

Surprise Party Shenanigans + Moms Freebie

Yesterday was such an amazing day and I wanted to share a little bit of it with y'all. (Don't worry, there's a freebie KIT in it for you!)  Saturday marked my beautiful, courageous and loving mother's 60th Birthday and my sisters and I conspired to make it the most memorable one yet. The plan?  To throw our mom a Surprise party.  Mission: Accomplished.  

We started the day with breakfast with the girls and a very unsuspecting birthday girl.  
Quinn, of course, was the star of the morning - her rightful place.

After Brunch we partook in a bit of birthday retail therapy and then headed to get our toes dones, with chandeliers and fancy drinks included.  

Then it was time to get down to it, so we said goodbye to mom with the excuse that we had errands to run before we would all meet for her birthday dinner later that night.  We arrived at the Tulsa Press Club, rented out for the special occasion, armed with cake, balloons, flowers galore, banners and decorations for days. With a bit of a break to change, we met up with our incredible family who had come into town from Kansas City, one of a few extra standout surprises for my mom, and then rushed back over to the Club for last minute prep and to greet all of the amazing family and friends who had shown up to celebrate my mom, close to 70 people in all.  As you can tell (below) I was both excited and slightly anxious for the birthday girl to arrive and get the party started.  

This is where I'd post the video of her shocked and emotional reaction but Blogger is not my friend when it comes to posting my own videos.  Darn you, Blogger!  These GIFs will have to do.

Everything went perfectly and she was truly shocked.  Among many surprises and special gifts, including a mock-up Front page of the Tulsa World for which my mother is the Executive Editor, the paper's political cartoonist did this amazing cartoon of her.  Yes, that's Quinny Bear she's holding.

Now that the party is over I can finally get back to full time in the shop.  I've already begun updating the remaining listings to be Automatic Downloads upon purchase, 40 items thus far.  I'll be doing that and finishing up my next collection, "Showtime," over the next day.  You don't to wait until then for new goodies (including the first Showtime pack!) and amazing sale, though.  

In the spirit of Moms, I'm giving y'all my favorite "Mom" kit as a special treat.




  1. I'm glad your Mama had a great day. Thanks for sharing your kit.

  2. it's a gorgeous kit! thanks so much! love your Halloween kits!

  3. So glad your 'surprise' party was such a 'surprise'. Thank you for sharing some of your time and talent with me!

  4. So glad your 'surprise' party was such a 'surprise'. Thank you for sharing some of your time and talent with me!

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