04 December 2015

Santa's Cuties + Freebies!

What can we say that hasn't already been said before?  San Berdoo, if I could take away your pain, your fear, your grief - I'd do it in a second.  Unfortunately, it isn't that easy and the world is far more complex than what we can get a handle on in 24 hours, 24 days, 24 years.  We're all in this together - Paris to Sydney, New York to London, Sandy Hook to San Bernardino - so let's use that, work together and do what we must to prevent lives being turned into more Hashtags.  

You know what always turns my frown upside down and makes bad days change into good days?  COLDPLAY!  Forgive me, I just need to quickly express my excitement over the new record coming out tomorrow, their inevitable conquering of Super Bowl 50 and my support for a band that is far more talented and far more entertaining than what ~some people would have you believe.  15 years and counting on the soundtrack of my life....wouldn't change a single thing.  Carry on, lads!  

Christmas is definitely in the air and I have the sale, the kits and the special offers to prove it.  Make it a December to Remember with one of my fabulous holiday kits and save 50% on (nearly) everything in my shop when you use coupon code DECEMBER2015 at checkout.

I'm definitely feeling the spirit of the season and have been channeling that into making a whole new round of Christmas kits.  Take a peek! 

Looking for more goodies?  Pick up my Black Friday Gift in the shop and receive both my 2015 shop, a 2016 Donor Club membership, AND a $20 Gift Card for my 2016 shop.

Take a look at some of my favorite holiday kits and snag one or two in the shop.

Looking to catch up on my latest freebies?  Look no further!

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Friday!



  1. Thank you -- I don't think I got the link for the alphas; I think I got the alphas twice. :)

  2. thank you so much but the alpha is missing it the same link as the elements.