12 February 2016

Doctor's Orders: A Free Kit

I'm sick and not in a fun Ferris Bueller way but rather in a Cameron Frye "I'm Dying" way.  I should probably note that I am not, in fact, dying but I've been really sick for 6 days straight and I'm going to make like a Man (that cursed ManFlu!) and whinge about it. Pneumonia, Sinus Infection, the Flu - whatever you are, be gone!  

Okay now that that's out of my system I have good news to share.  I'm giving out my "Doctor's Orders" kit free to everyone.  Just because I'm knocking on death's door (again, hyperbole) it doesn't mean you all should have to suffer as well.  If you've E-mailed me or do E-mail me and youdon't hear back from me immediately - just bear with me, I'll get to you!   

You can find the "Doctor's Orders" links at the end of today's post.  Before you download be sure to take a moment to "ooohhh" and "ahhhh" over all of the goodies and special offers happening in my shop.  Don't worry - I'm still able to fill any/all orders it just may take 24 hours or so.


I received multiple requests to extend my shop and donor club offers so I've decided to do so through February 9.  After Tuesday all offers will be gone for good.  Don't miss out!

You'll most definitely want to get your $20 DC membership once you take a look at January's Donor Club goodies and the first round of February's. 

FREEBIES TIME!  Pick up the "Doctor's Orders" downloads below.  First up - click the preview to be taken to the "Doctor's" patterned papers in Thursday's newsletter.

Click the second preview to be taken to the Facebook post for the "Doctor's" alphas.

And click the third and final preview to directly download the elements.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to pass out and dream that I'm Ferris channeling The Beatles on a float in the middle of Chi-Town. 



  1. Thank you ! Hope you feel better ALREADY !!

  2. Happy Valentines Day....Im sorry to hear that you are under the weather and hope you start feeling better soon..THANK YOU bunches for all the cute goodies:)

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