30 September 2016

DSD 2016 Kick-off!

Okay, who wants to be my American Horror Story: Roanoke buddy?  All you have to do is let me call you in the middle of the night after I've watched the latest episode and remind me that it's just a television show and I live nowhere close to Roanoke, Virginia.

  Y'all...this season is CRAZY and I successfully managed to scare myself senseless by deciding to check out the first episode while I was in bed last night.  I haven't really watched AHS since the third season (Coven) and was so bored/grossed out by the only episode I watched for each of the past two seasons so I. WAS. NOT. PREPARED. for them to bring it.  Consider me successfully scared, Ryan Murphy!  You all should definitely check it out.  Just don't do it alone, at night, in bed. 

What's not scary?  DSD 2016 is HERE!!!

There's a nifty little 50% off sale happening in the shop (coupon code: DSD2016) but the real news is that I have a truly spectacular set of freebies to give away throughout the weekend.  I'll be handing out each part across Facebook, the blog and my newsletter so make sure you're following me on Facebook where I'll be posting when and where you can find each part.  At the end of the week you will have this baby to add to your stash...

If you like the freebies then you'll LOVE my new "Jack-o-Lantern" collection.

Also new in the shop: October Days: School Day, October Days alphas, October Days patterns bundle...

...and these "ABC 123" play dough + Cork Board alphas!

There are plenty of seasonal faves to be had!

Let's get down to business - your first DSD freebies are available below with much, much more to come throughout the weekend.

Don't forget to stay tuned to Facebook to find out when and where you can download the next freebie!


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