03 December 2016

Stucking Stuffers!

Hold on to your stockings, things are getting REAL! 

 This weekend ONLY you'll be able to purchase the 2016 Shop, 2015 Shop and 2017 Donor Club memberships for $20 each!  This offer is only for this weekend and will not be coming back.  This is the lowest any of these items will priced at any point.  Everything goes back to its' regular price midnight Sunday so don't wait, RUN.  

Receive EVERYTHING released in my shop this year for $20 when you purchase the Stocking Stuffer: 2016 Collection pass before midnight on Wednesday.  You'll receive everything you see below and much more!  

If you're going to treat yourself to the the 2016 Stocking Stuffer you might as well pick up the 2015 one as well!  You'll receive everything you see in the previews and much more for only $20 if you make your purchase by midnight on Sunday.

Cap it all off with a 2017 Donor Club Membership as well!

Looking for just the Christmas goods?  Pick up one of my brand new collections for the 2016 holiday season!

Here are a few freebies to thank you for stopping by!

Have a great weekend! <3



  1. Great looking patterns! I just have one question about how can I have an access to these lovely patterns? Should I download and print them to use in cards and other crafts?

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