27 June 2017

Let's Party! Harper Finch is back on Etsy!

I experimented a bit with a stand-alone shop while Etsy went through changes with their payments/advertising policies and have now officially decided to stay with Etsy permanently, while also having my solo tumblr shop site.  

A few things have changed:  I will now be doing freebies at LEAST 4 times each week, often more.  I fell a bit behind with the craziness of the outside world but there's nothing more therapeutic than getting to create and put out a little positive energy.  I began this journey because I loved to create and I wanted to create and do so to the extent that monetary value was not a priority - by that I mean FREEBIES, and sharing them with all of my friends (YOU!) is such a blessing that brings joy to my soul.  

Each new week will bring a new collection!  I'm thrill to share you all the COMPLETE COLLECTION for FRUIT LOOP!

This collection comes with 45 elements consisting of fruity Popsicles, fruity melons and berries, pineapple and bananas, journal cards, flower, confetti and more

13 bright, light and fruity journal cards can be found as well.

Don't forget the ALPHAS - 10 loopy and fruity individual alphas!

Patterns?  Yes, we have quite a few of those too!  FIFTY SIX various patterned, painted, splattered, fruity, bright and summer-y papers in total.

The collection is perfect for pairing with  CAKE BY THE OCEAN.

That's not ALL that is new:  Add a new pack of patterns to you "Summer Planner" stash.

Get all 4 patterned papers packs when you purchase the patterns bundle.

You'll find 36 patterns, 30+ elements, 20+ word art and 8 alphas in the Summer Planner bundle.

I've added a pack of planner "must haves" to coordinate with the collection as well.

Don't miss out on these new goodies as well!

I have packs and packs of "Fruit Loop" freebies to share with y'all!  You can find parts 1 and 2 below, with much more to come this week.



  1. Thank you and welcome back... I like the black background, makes everything easier to see

  2. very colourful page, and the black background really helps popping out all the colours, can they be used for like a birthday theme or something, cause this is no ordinary house decoration.