22 October 2017

A Halloween Sale!

With Halloween only 9 days away it was definitely time to hit up the pumpkin patch and that's exactly what we did yesterday!  While her baby sister stayed at him with her mom and dad, we took my niece Quinn to the pumpkin patch and she had a BLAST.  And, of course, she looked insanely cute while doing so.

Did you know I'm having a big Halloween sale in the shop right now?  Save 40% on ALL Halloween kits - including my brand new "Spooky Night" & "I Love Halloween" kits!

Enjoy these Halloween freebies!

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1 comment:

  1. I just want to say thank you sooo much for the wonderful freebies! As a beginning digital scrapbooker, I appreciate your generosity! Your kits are spectacular and I look forward to purchasing many! Being a newbie, perhaps I just don't know how this all works, and I'm sorry to complain when something is free, but not all of the 12 papers in the preview are available when I click on the 2 links. Pt. 2 has 4 of the papers pictured; however, Pt. 1, while absolutely adorable, has 4 that are not pictured, leaving 8 of the papers in the preview unavailable (I'm specifically hoping for the purple and black chevron). Is there perhaps a Pt. 3? Of course, I'll completely understand if this was only meant to be a sneak peek and not the entire set!