19 January 2013

A perfect Saturday.

Happy Saturday, everyone! I don't have any goodies to post today but don't forget to check out yesterday's posts for my new kit, "I Heart You!" The kit had two sources of inspiration - y'all, who are above and beyond amazing, and my soon-to-be-wed little sister, Samy, and her fiance, Brandon.

(My sister, Samy, my future bro, Brandon, my niece, Mable and nephew, Hoss.  
Not pictured:  Me off to the side acting as puppy wrangler for the shoot!)

The wedding isn't until June 1 but today my fellow Bridesmaids and myself are throwing their official engagement party and you could say I'm just a tad bit excited!  So now you know who to blame for your lack of freebie for today ;-)  Joking aside, I cannot begin to truly express how blessed we've all been by the addition of Brandon to our happy family.  In my eyes my little sister is perfect (it runs in the family!) so clearly I never imagined anyone being worthy enough of her or her love, so Brandon had a steep hill to climb from the moment they first met.  Clearly he rose to the challenge and our family and friends could never be more thankful.  Personally, it was love at first sight for me - first sight of his Boxer, Hoss, that is - so I was an easy sell!  

I hope you all have an amazing weekend while we toast to the bride and groom (to be!).  

P.S. A little birdy told me to tell y'all that there just may be a brand new freebie up tomorrow!  Shhh...it's a secret!

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