15 January 2013

I'm spreading the word...

Just a quick update today, my dears, but fear not I have many goodies in the works that will be coming to your desktops beginning tomorrow.  Woot!  Okay, on to today's news...  I mentioned it yesterday but in case you missed it - the Harper Finch fan page is up!

You will have to forgive me on not having a fan freebie tab up yet - but I will get everything set up by the weekend.  I went ahead and posted the free kit I originally planned on giving away on Facebook for you all to go ahead and download from the blog Here.  Which means once I do get things worked I will be posting anther full kit freebie for y'all to snag when you like my page.  So hopefully that will help to make up for the delay. :-P

I had someone suggest creating a blinkie/tag for you all to use on your blogs, in forums, etc. promoting Harper Finch so I went ahead and whipped one up really quick.  Nothing fancy but for now it will do.  You can copy/paste the code below. 

<a href="http://imharpgerfinch.blogspot.com"><img src="http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y521/imharperfinch/ijusthearthf.jpg">

That's all from me for now, I hope you all have a fantastic day/evening.  I shall leave you all with the infectious Brit Pop sounds of Miss Eliza Doolittle (no relation, ha) and her fabulous song, "Pack Up."  


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