14 January 2013

Facebook fables!

Y'all, I was one of the first (relatively) to ever use Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg created it in 2002ish - 2003ish and my school was one of the first to be allowed access in 2004, so besides the tragedy of my elder age, I find myself for the first time EVER exhausted by any social media site.  LoL  Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic but you all should know that I'm a goof and the dramatics are a branch of my humor ;-)

That said, Zuckerburg, you hath failed me in complicating my aging brain with your commerce/trade-able apps (?) for my own fan page (which I created...LoL...I love the nerdery in that!).  Ladies (and gents!), I know you all are far wiser than I when it comes to the Facebook component of digital design and digi scrap, so forgive me and let me beg of you the knowledge I need.  The whole purpose of my fan page was so I could both meet the requests for it, and make available a free kit as a reward to all y'all who have been so mind-bogglingy (not a word) kind, sincere and humbling, as well as all of the newbies who would be enticed by said freebie.

So, the fan page has actually been created, hoo-rah!  It's meager at best...trust...and while I have made that step, I'm far too tired to figure out the tradeable app which will allow y'all to receive goodies for liking my page.  Which as a freebie obsessor, I feel is essential, you know? So, I thought on it...briefly LoL....and decided to just give y'all the Facebook link and just post here a whole darn spanking new mini/full kit freebie!

And for the first time, I'm calling on y'all for help!  Share my site and facebook page with whoever you wish, get the word out there, spread the news that there's a new designer in town who provides QUALITY scraps FREE of charge and there are NO stipulations, no hoops to jump through or favors to provide.  I owe so much to digi scrap and it's allowance for me to find my true creative outlet and passion and that alone make me hold firm in my promise of strictly free of charge services.

Okay, on to the FREEBIES!  (I'll babble more after! ;-) )

First up, papers - patterned and distressed solids!  I definitely never want to provide you all with the same thing over and over but there's something about distressed and shabby that I find so brilliant and reflective and current.  So you could say I'm in a bit of a fever of affection for it all but again, no worries, I'm a designer who is intrigued by all.  For now, I have your distressed.  Below is your link to these 16 patterned and solid papers which will make up part of the (as promised) "Hello to You! by Harper Finch" Facebook welcome Mini.

Next, of course, are your elements.  There are a random assortment of 26 individual unique elements for you to play with, which will hopefully fulfill your needs regarding this kit and documenting your journey.

Next, but not last (!!), I have an full alpha AND numerals and common symbols.  It has a bit of a glitter flair while to the distressed grid paper touch.  I liked it, hopefully you will too!

And, as always claimed last but not least, I have a simple set of 5 glitter sheets which corresponding with this mini's color palette.  

I hope you all find use of this one.  I admit that it's not my favorite but I wanted to try out this color palette and what came is what came.  I enjoyed testing out new techniques and hopefully will perfect such so as to deliver even better products in the near future.

Mini-Kit aside, THIS is the link to my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarperFinchDesigns  I PROMISE to get to work on improving the grim look of it all at this stage, haha  But do please share it and this blog with anyone and everyone.  The feedback I get from others and hearing of forums, blogs and designers I ADORE who actually know of my blog is beyond describable.  You all truly cannot begin to grasp what your kindness and support has done for me already.  It's incredible and I am so blessed.

Thinking to the future....as I said, providing FREE quality scrapbook products is paramount to me and the foundation of why I've begun to design.  It will always be so and I hope you all we be with me for the journey!  I've had many ideas I've thought through and nothing is final as.  So, time will tell.  I never started doing this for money, this is my passion and creative release.  And hopefully it always will be.  However, should you find my work merits any sort of monetary compensation, I would like to explore doing personalized and customized kits for individuals who contribute as well as possibly scrapping with my kits for others.  Again, it's all ideas for now but I thought I'd share for now and update you on where it leads.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your kits !!!
    They are all great !!
    Thanks again !!

  2. Thanks for the goodies. Can I make a suggestion? Design a banner or blinkie for your blog that other blog or forum owners can display, with a link-back to your blog.

  3. I love this color pallet! Thanks for your generosity.

  4. thank you love! this is awesome!

  5. Well I think i may have to invest in a bigger hard drive at this rate!!! So many goodies! They are all great! Thank You Sonja

  6. Another great kit - thank you!

  7. You are so talented and generous. Thank you for more wonderful goodies! I am trying to be more conservative with my freebie downloading but your designs continue to be irresistible!

  8. Oh, and I meant to say - the shabbier the better as far as I'm concerned! I hope your distressed 'n' shabby fever never breaks :)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! I've 'Liked' you on Facebook & hope to see more from you. I LOVE this color palette, especially on the glitters!

  10. Harper, you are too amazing! I love this kit, thank you soooo much!!
    (I downloaded everything the other day, but before I could come back and comment, my computer decided to die on me... ;))