14 January 2013

Journal the Journey.

I'm back!  Just a quick post and another freebie.  I have for you a set of 6 journal cards, 4 of which are regular cards and the other two are journal frames.  Simple, cute and ready for your stash.

Before I go, I'm finishing up a mini kit (which we all know will turn into a full one!) for my Facebook page and once that is done I will finish setting it up and share with y'all so you can get your goodie and Facebook me!  Hope your Monday is going well!



  1. Thank you! I'll find you on FB once you're set up!

  2. Thanks again just love this kit!

  3. so awesome! thank you very much for sharing!

  4. Yay! How did you know I'm journal-card obsessed right now? I've actually been planning on using Ready Set Go for a homemade project life kit (like this one I made with Storyteller: https://www.facebook.com/persnicketyprints/app_451684954848385 Sorry, don't know how to link directly, but at the moment it's in the second row, entitled Homemade Project Life, if you want to take a look :) Maybe I'll make a set using RSG and no additional PU materials and if you like them you can give them away here! No pressure or anything, just feeling inspired by your generous giving-back to the community.

    1. I would love that! E-mail me and let's set it up!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! These make me happy. So helpful! Thank you! (: <3