21 January 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr and Shimmer

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
It has been a busy day here, which accounts for the delay in freebie posting.  Sorry for that but I went ahead and through one together so you all can have something for now and then return this evening for something bigger.  Sound like a plan?  Click below the preview to download these 9 patterned papers from "Shimmer."  

I will be posting information about possible Commercial Use of my designs when I post the other freebies this evening.  For now, however, I do have some news to quickly share.  I've decided to move the blog to a domain, which would allow all of your freebies to be hosted by me with no expiration and no dependence on outside services.  It will also allow for a much more user friendly interface which will make it much easier to retrieve all downloads without having to take time and search them out.  Also, I have the beginnings of an idea to create a forum for new and/or aspiring designers for the purpose of allowing us to network, communicate, assist, support, promote, etc. all of our personal projects.  This would include designers who may not specifically make scrap kits yet utilize those resources to create items such as cards, prints, etc.  As this is site is freebie-specific I make no profit nor compensation for my time, efforts and purchase of CU products when needed.  If it is at all a possibility for you in your situation, a donation of any amount would be profoundly appreciated in order to offset some of the costs for the website.  To do so, please click the Donation button on the side bar.