13 March 2013

Document your Easter!

Goodbye Hump Day and hello coming weekend!  Quick news...in image form ;-)

Below is the kit you will receive if you have/will make a purchase between Tuesday and Friday.

New to the store....

And yes, your freebie!  This freebie coordinates with the Journal Cards above and instead of selling them in the store, I decided to just give them to you, whom all of you I adore!  Legit. 

A quick/important note:  No one is loving my design adventure more than I am!  I have connected with a wealth of the world's best and I exceed thankful.  I love that I can bring a little sunshine to someone's day. as a former freebie obsesser myself, finding a great kit or item....it can make your day, LoL  And I want to continue in that tradition because no one deserves more sunshine than you all!  You bring shining light to my day, every day, and I share my freebies to hopefully give some light to you.  

I feel like the whole "donor" drive was such a fantastic mess made by "anonymous" scrapbookin' women of the HIGHEST integrity...  But while I come up with another way of rewarding you all with your generosity, I still do in fact need donations, desperately.  All of the money made retail is used fully on this freebie blog but as a newbie I'm far from generating revenues that can sustain it all, including from a business/financial since.  

That said, any and ALL donations are so greatly important and those who give are automatically friends of mine, and I can do any service you need by a simple ask.  Again, I will come up with another "reward" for your donations, but for now I'll just say that I'm so appreciative of you all and fully aware of financial strain, but if you are able to make a donation of any, I would so greatly appreciate it and will welcome you with open arms to my circle of friends!

To make a donation...simply click the yellow paypal button to the left and it will enable you to donate.    You will profoundly be compensated for your generosity!

LoL, still with me?  Anyone?  Is anyone out there?  Anyone other than the crickets?  Oh well, I'll leave this freebie for you all any way!


  1. Chirp.. chirp.. chirp... hehe.. this wee cricket is here!!! Thank you so much for the lovely gifts HarperFinch! Congrats on all your success. I'm really enjoying all your creativity and generosity! Thank you again! :]

  2. So cute! I love the journal cards!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  3. omigosh, Mary! Thank you so much! I am so in love w/ journal cards! They're awesome and so useful!!! Thank you!

    I love your new Customer Appreciation plan! I seriously need to try and buy something in your shop like NOW! haha!

    Thanks again for all you do! I have been doing my best to spread the word around about your awesomeness. I see that 8 of my friends started following you on Facebook! I will post another message within the next few days, as I have 1,000 digital friends on facebook and it won't hurt to keep recommending your facebook page! :)