12 March 2013

Up and Away

Another week, another new kit, another giveaway!  On Friday I'll be debuting my brand new kit, "Up and Away" in my Etsy shop and in celebration I'm having another contest where TWO lucky winners will be picked to receive it for free.  Woot!  All you need to do is leave a comment on my Facebook, specifically on the post featuring the image below, and you'll automatically be entered to win.  You can double your chances to win by making a purchase in my Etsy store between Tuesday and Friday, giving you a second entry and chance to win.  And that's not all!  Everyone who makes a purchase will receive the "Up and Away" Mini Kit Add-On absolutely free as an extra thank you for your support.  Pretty rad, right?

And of course I wouldn't leave you all without another freebie!  

Don't forget to stop by my Facebook page for a chance to win, as well making a purchase in my Etsy shop for a second chance to win AND to receive the mini kit add-on free!



  1. I love all of your stuff. So super cute!!! Keep up the good work :)

  2. oh Mary! This looks so super fantastic! I love the colors, and I SOOOO love the little monkey element!!! :)

    Thank you very much for the Up & Away freebie! Love those flowers, I am a flower freak!!

    I hope you have a fabulous day!


  3. Thank you for all the gorgeous gifts! Love your work! Exciting to see all your new works being released! :]