08 March 2013

Madness unleashed!

It's finally Friday and you know what that means...a new collection, giveaways and freebies!  So let's get to it! Available now exclusively in the Harper Finch Etsy store is my brand new collection about all things March, "March Madness."  This kit is stocked with all things Spring, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, College Basketball and Spring Break - so instead of buying a bunch of different kits for each individual event, you can grab it all in one collection!  Debuting today is the full kit and a few add-ons, while the second set of add-ons will be debuting over the weekend!  

And yes, that's only the beginning!  Coming later in the weekend will be a individual add-on mini kits focusing on each individual major March event - St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Spring, March Madness and Spring Break.  That way you can customize your collection to your needs and interests.  Pretty cool, huh?  I like to this so ;-)

Now, how about those winners?!  Drum roll please....congratulations to Megan Scraps, the winner from Facebook, and Diana Somer, my Etsy shop winner!  Ladies, I'll be getting in contact with you later today with your spanking new loot!  Thank you to everyone for leaving such encouraging and inspirational comments - seriously, I am the luckiest girl to have y'all in my life.    

Okay...how about some freebies?!  If you didn't grab it yesterday, I've included the first March Madness freebie along with your brand new one! 

On a personal note, last night brought the sudden and unexpected death of a very close family friend who had been part of my life in one form or other before I could really even remember.  I am sick, numb, shocked and grieving.  I'll write more about it once I can formulate the appropriate language and critique the heaviness of this loss and to celebrate the life of one of the great women who blessed the lives of all who knew her.  I only ask for a bit of patience with completing the individual mini kits still to come.  And of course, contacting everyone regarding orders or the back log of support and love from everyone previous to this regarding my work.  And I'll speak more on that later, as well.

Hold those you love tightly, with warmth and love, and savor the moments, we are all connected in humanity and that is a beautiful thing.



  1. So sorry for your loss, Harper. Hugs!! Prayers to everyone affected. Looking forward to using this new kit.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I lost a close friend that I had known from time began for me on Christmas, and it's always very painful. Please, take care of yourself before you worry about us here. We'll still be here when you get back. I'll pray for you all.

  3. So sorry Harper...I just seen this!!! You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Take care of yourself!!! <3 !!!