06 March 2013

The Madness begins!

I am loving how much you all seem to be enjoying "Game Night" - it's truly the reason why I keep doing what I'm doing and enjoy every moment.  I can't say enough about the onslaught of positivity , encouragement and warmth directed my way after the silly comments made about my designs by one or two individuals seeking attention for unknown reasons.  Seriously, it has completely blown me away and I will somehow find a way to thank you all, I promise!  

I've made a point of not specifically addressing the "blog" that focused on my work, nor the one or two "anonymous" posters in my comments section.  And I won't be doing so, but I think it's important to say something on the subject of "bullying," something that has somehow found its' way from children on the playground to adults on the internet.  It's so very silly and ridiculous but it can really affect people and I don't know if those who do it are entirely aware of that.  Which is essentially the reason why I'm even touching upon it.

Simple comments made out of spite, jealousy or simple boredom are far reaching and can create problems far greater than undue criticism.  As a new designer who has never made any claims to being anything but a novice enjoying a hobby, spiteful comments and nonconstructive critique can affect not only my desire to continue my hobby, let alone enjoy it, but also obliterate my reputation from the very start before I've even had a chance to crawl, let alone walk. All of us are enthusiasts of digital scrapbooking and it would be such a detriment if we were denied the talent of the new/next generation of designers getting their feet wet.  None of this would even exist if that were the rule of thumb.

There is a stark difference between finding issue with someone's work and informing them directly, as opposed to creating an entire blog post/discussion without even making the one concerned aware of it.  As well, making comments without claiming them as your own gives your opinion a total absence of validity. Once I turned off the ability for individuals to comment Anonymously - no negative comments have appeared.  It's incredibly unfortunate that I even had to take that step when so many amazing people who comment but don't use Google are now no longer able to because of two people's bad behavior.

Good grief, Charlie Brown!  Who is ready to get back to the normal positivity of this blog?!  I AM! In the midst of all of this, so many amazing things have been happening.  First and foremost, have you all checked out the feature over at Pixel Scrapper by Marissa and the gang?!  If not, you definitely want to check it out.  Not only does Marissa have some of the very best freebies around, you just may find a surprise from me at the end of the post ;-)  Visit Pixel Scrapper here.

In the past two days the blog has received OVER 3,000 views.  That is GONZO!  Not only that, I've surpassed 100 sales in my Etsy store in less than a month.  Complete insanity, y'all.  In celebration, how about a special FREEBIE?!   For you I have a special add-on to my "March Madness" collection coming Friday exclusively to my Etsy shop!

Hugs all around!


P.S.  I'll begin separating my alphas into individual .png files for each letter for all of you who don't use PS/PSE, as well as giving each element individual descriptive names.  :-)


  1. I'm so glad that you were able to feel the love and appreciation that we all want to express to you! Your designs and kits are great and I'm so glad that you share them with us!!! I wanted to make sure that you are aware of the wording on the coupon at Pixel Scrapper... it says $5 off of any purchase of $2 or more... is that what you meant to say???

  2. Well said! I'm so proud of how you are taking the high road. Keep on keepin' on :)

  3. super duper cute cards! i especially love the little bunny! thank you very much...hugs!

  4. Thanks so much for going the extra mile and separating out the alphabets! I truly appreciate it. I love your work - your color palettes are right up my alley! Thanks again!

  5. It's so awesome to see your positivity! There is no need to let a few bad apples ruin the bunch, ya know? I, personally, think it comes from jealousy. Not boredom or any other reason... I have found that when people are mean and say mean things, it typically stems from something lacking in their onw lives, and I find that sad. However, I do not feel sorry for these bullies. They create their own misery in their lives by being mean, nasty, negative, etc., etc. I have had very little experience in my adult life w/ bullying, but there has been some, and I am certain it all came down to jealousy or the other person's insecurities. So enough about this entire situation, I only wanted to comment on it so that I could tell you that YOU ARE AWESOME! Not just because you create awesome designs, you're awesome as a person. I don't even know you and I can tell via your posts and all that you do for your fans that you are one super-caring and kind individual!! So, it really bothers me that there are mean people out there who talk crap about you. That is just wrong. I am sorry you had to hear someone's meaningless, rude and bullying words!!

    Now onto the fun stuff! Thank you so much for the cute and super-adorable cards. It totally makes me get so anxious for Spring and for warmer weather!

    You are the bomb, girl!

    Thanks so much!


  6. I found you because of the Pixel Scrapper article Marisa did. Thank you for the wonderful freebies. It never pays to listen to the ugly comments, even when they have the guts to identify themselves. You're absolutely right to focus your energy on the positives.

  7. Someone recommended your site on the Silhouette Paper Crafts FB group. Boy, am I ever glad I checked it out! So much yummy goodness! I am so sorry to have read that you have come under fire with "some" people. I am constantly amazed at the insensitivity in "some" people! How dare them say anything about your work - especially since it's free! Trust me, I know how you feel - my husband is the pastor of a fairly large church and it's amazing how thoughtless people can be - especially when you've tried your best to just help them! If your best is not good enough for "some" people, then it is best to just try to rise above it. Still, I know that's much easier said than done. You just keep doing what you enjoy and what you WANT to create and your success will follow. Your work speaks for itself, and it's obvious this is something you're "a natural" at, and will only get better and better with each kit you create. Like the others have said, don't let the stupidheads keep you from doing what you enjoy! Looking forward to your next works of heART ~ Doris

  8. Super cute - love, love, love all your free downloads.
    It's amazes me how people who love to create beautiful projects can turn into nasty bullies. Totally insane and definately NOT kool. Be proud of who you are and your creativity, it's what makes you special.


  9. I saw a quote on my facebook feed that is suitable... "I don't have a problem with stupid people, I have a problem with the fact that they have internet connection"

    Much love!

  10. Thank you so much for your freebies. Love them!!! Thank you so much.

  11. Beautiful work! Thank you so much!!