04 March 2013

Updated: More 'Gold'!

Update: I've just had a few "anonymous" comments left on my blog about the quality lacking in my design and was told of a blog that actually is based on "smack talking designers" - where my work was crucified.  I have thick skin and I will get over it, but at this moment I just feel like throwing in the towel.  I am astounded by such undue malice.  The bulk of my work is FREE!  If you don't like it, don't download it!  You don't need to rip it apart and mock it.  Sorry guys, just really feeling like crap right now.  I'm going to take a day away to just...avoid this negativity.

In regard to the person (I know its one person, and you - by the way - are pathetic) who has their panties in a twist over the donor kit I give away for FREE to donors...here's the deal.  If someone is generous enough to donate in support of my giving away - free of charge - entire collections, then I am giving them, in gratitude, a gift that is worth an incredible sum - FOR FREE.  Does anyone know what the going rate is for a 20pack Mega?  It definitely isn't $10!

I'd ALSO like to add that I gave away my first mega, "XOXO," to 17 NON-DONORS because I wanted to!  And I'll be giving away "Game Night" to a few more - because I want to.  You do not have to spend a single dime to use the bulk of my work.  I don't require ANYONE to donate or purchase an item in my shop.  If they do and I want to thank them, then I will!  

I don't know what leads someone to be malicious but I apologize if you didn't get asked to prom, were never picked first in anything, are tone deaf or whatever injustice life handed you to make you so negative, I truly am sorry for you.

To every other person who has visited this blog, downloaded, etc. - thank you ALL for support my work, finding it of QUALITY and being down right amazing friends.  I am forever in gratitude to you all.  And hey, if you want to take a "risk" on my poor quality and receive Game Night without make a contribution....send me an E-mail and it's yours!  ALL OF Y'ALL!  


Hello Monday, hello everyone!  So...who wants a chance to win my BRAND NEW collection debuting exclusively at "The Digichick" on Friday??  Well, I have that chance for you!  Simply make a purchase in my Etsy shop between Monday and Wednesday, and you'll be entered for a chance to win ALL of "March Madness."  The more you spend, the more chances to WIN!

March Madness is a kit about all things March!  From Spring and Spring Break to St. Pat's Day and Easter, not to mention the basketball madness - this month is PACKED with goings-on and I decided to combine everything into one huge collection.  Instead of having to buy 4-5 separate kits, this collection covers EVERYTHING about the month of March.  Project Life'ers definitely don't want to miss out on this one.  Nor will you want to miss out on your chance to WIN!

Freebie time!  I have for you TWO paper packs in one - a set of distressed solids and a set of Ombre solids! Double the freebies!

UPDATED:  Download Here

Okay, I'm off to run off my delicious Hot Chocolate from this morning!  Enjoy your papers and don't forget to snag your chance to win "March Madness."



  1. Love the colors! Thanks for the awesome freebie!! :)

  2. Thanks much!! Hope you had a nice run!! Snowing here - ugh!!

  3. Thank you so much for the freebies.. love them all -icajovita-

  4. Love these paper. Thank you and so sorry for the ugliness you've faced.

  5. Please don't let the cynical people get to you. There are always going to be people who want to rip apart any goodness or happiness they see simply because they don't understand it. When I have downloaded your work it hasn't been because I have been settling for sub par work because it was free. I don't download unless I think I'll use something on my pages and believe me my pages mean too much to me to use crappy stuff on them. I hope your hot chocolate and run have cheered you up :)

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I always love your color palette.

  7. Chin up! We (designers) have all tried it, and you will get through it. Just start reading all the positive comments - you've got lots - and know that they are the ones that matter. Personally, I find NOTHING wrong with your quality, and thank you for sharing it all with us.
    Trine, Nothing but Freebies

  8. Wow, I haven't seen the negative comments, but don't take it to heart. I think your designs and kits are awesome; always so cute and creative, and I've had no problems with the quality.

    Anonymous comments can't be taken too seriously. If someone has a legitimate complaint, he or she can address it in a legitimate way.

    I really appreciate all the great work you've shared with us. Please know that plenty of us enjoy your talent and are grateful for your generosity.

  9. I'm so sorry you've experienced such horrible backlash as one response to your generosity. I think what you make is great quality and I truly prefer your designs over most of the other designers out there. I can't imagine what anyone could find to complain about in work that is given away freely, as a thank-you to donators, and even put up for sale. After all, with so much free stuff here, no one would ever be put in the position of buying your designs without first having the chance to check out your style up close for free. The more I delve into this world the more I see what huge variety there is in what people think is "good" scrapbook design. There is some popular stuff out there that I wouldn't ever use myself - but I don't go telling those designers their work is terrible, I just don't buy it. That frees up time for me to go shower with love the designers I do like.

    If someone's stuff has jaggies or other "classic" quality-check issues, I suppose someone could point that out constructively to help out a new designer, but insulting your work is simply unacceptable, in my book. I hope you know how appreciated you are, what a huge hit you've been on the digital scrapbooking circuit, and that your generosity is recognized by many!

  10. Thank you for the papers-- and Scrumptious above said everything needed to be said about that kind of behavior.

    I can't believe there's a blog just for ripping into designers.

  11. people are rude and insensitive only because (in my opinion) they are jealous, or as you said, they never got asked to prom, they have no life and just have nothing better to do.

    Your designs are beautiful and I am so grateful for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!

    HUGE HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!!


  12. My AhHa moment was when I found your site my mouth was hitting the floor at all your GEORGOUS creativity...Im glad you have items on Etsy for sell because the way its looking you are on top girly....
    As for your comment from the "anonymous person" it`s people like that I pray for ~ first of all they are hid behind anonymous .Negitivity is proof of being jealous...So Ms Harper Finch bad things that happen to good people can only make them stronger and Im sure you know that ;~}...
    Oh hehehe I had to get off my soapbox so I could THANK YOU ;~} for the BEAUTIFUL papers.You`re the BEST !!!