05 April 2013

Back again, getting silly in the woods!

You know what is better than a freebie?  MULTIPLE freebies!  I'm just so excited about "Campfire & S'Mores," and, more importantly, having y'all in my life - let's celebrate.  Ready?  Let's do this!

The amazing Tracy/Dill Pickles has blessed us all with her talents enabling my creation of your first freebie, an add-on freebie to my collection, "Why So Serious?" titled "Funny Faces."  I'm obsessed!

My "Why so Serious" collection is now on-sale and you can snag the ENTIRE collection for $10.99, over 50% off of the valued price.  Remember the good stuff - silly giggles and sass - and never forget it by documenting it all with "Why So Serious?"

Now, freebie number 2!  It's my third freebie for y'all from my latest collection, "Campfire & S'Mores," which is now available in the store!

You know, just another one of my small kits ;-)  What's even more rad about this collection is that when you buy the Mega Bundle you not only receive EVERYTHING at one ridiculously low price but also the solids, the glitter, the Donor Club Mini AND the decorative ric-rac!  

Think you can handle any more?  Haha I hope so!  It's freebie time #2!  I have for you a set of flair corresponding with C&S.

On a personal note, tomorrow is the (first) bridal shower for my best friend who is also my youngest sister, Samy.  To say she will be the most beautiful bride is an understatement.  What makes her so very special is a list that knows no end, but the fact that her soul is the most beautiful part of her - has been the greatest blessing in my life.

Clearly we embrace our goofiness and let our nerd flags fly high!  Anyway, while I'm celebrating the bride-to-be and her commitment to the love of her life, I'll be away from the computer so orders will be delayed until Saturday evening.  I hate that because as y'all know I'm usually prompt but hopefully you will understand just this once.  


  1. So, I realized, that I have MANY pictures of myself doing the same face and throwin' peace as the one of you in the striped shirt. The most recent was on my honeymoon a few months ago, lol.

  2. Thank you so much girl! Two little hotties! :)

  3. Thank you so very much for the wonderful gifts you share here. I love your papers and glitters, and please know they are appreciated. What beautiful photos, and what a blessing to have that bond with your sister. That is a treasure, but I. Think you already know that. Thanks again.