06 April 2013

I'm Yours

I don't know about y'all, but I am EXHAUSTED!  Thank the Lawd that tomorrow is Sunday and not Monday.  Am I right?  Lucky for y'all, I haven't let my exhaustion get in the way with creating my latest collection, which I'm giving away for FREE.  Woot!

"I'm Yours" is a collection I've created to commemorate my sister's bridal shower today and I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you all in hopes it will help document your own happy memories.  I found the inspiration for this kit from Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," a fantastic song by a fantastic artist.  Mraz was one of the first artists I forced upon my sister's ear drums (I'm VERY passionate about my music!) that she actually freely admitted to liking.  And it didn't even require my dragging her to multiple concerts like it did with DMB!  :-P

Your first freebies from this collection are three paper packs - one pack of shabby solids, one pack of Damak papers and one pack of patterned papers.

Don't forget:  Sunday is your LAST day to grab the "Campfire & S'Mores" Mega Bundle AND receive the FWP Bundle!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your freebies and have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. Thank you for sharing. Love the colours.

  2. Thank you for these lovely paper packs. I love Jason Mraz music too and that song would have to be my fave.

  3. Hi Harper, thank you so much for the beautiful I'm Yours papers, they are brilliant.

    Michelle x

    PS Is there anyway I can follow you via email?

  4. Thanks Harper. My niece is having her shower next weekend. Your papers are very pretty & it is so generous of you to share them with us.

  5. Thank you very much for your beautiful papers xx

  6. Thanks so much for gorgeous papers!

  7. You are so awesome, thank you so very much!!!!! :) I lurve your kindness!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hi! i luvv your work and have a small gift shop on facebook. i wanted to start making greeting cards and i was wondering about copyright....i don't know much about them but i am mainly interested in using papers for tags and punch outs or for envelopes. is this allowed?

    you may contact me at irishpack@hotmail.com
    p.s. i make pincushions, wreaths and wall hangings just to have a little pin money to go out with the girls.....lol