15 April 2013

I'm Yours & some thoughts...

Are you ready for your second to last part of the "I'm Yours" freebie collection?  I'll take that as a yes ;-)  Before we get to that, here's another look at my brand new collection, "A Day at the Park," now available in the Harper Finch Etsy store.

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Now, your freebie!

On a personal note, I'm completely devastated by the tragedy in Boston.  I am simply at a loss for words. It feels frivolous to blog about scrapbooking with the events going on in Boston and the uncertainty that hangs heavy with us all viewing the events as they occur, from around the world.  Expressions of devastation and shock all seem so repetitive and mechanic as tragedies such as these continue to occur, continue to confound. Yet concern, grief, shock, fear and horror are rarely as genuine, rarely as palpable as they are at times like these.  

Time stops, problems fade, priorities shift, reality is surreal and we are changed.  We have no control when it comes to events like these but we do have control over how we respond, how we choose to carry out our change in light of everything that has happened.  Fear and terror, grief and anger - that is what those who carry out these atrocities thrive on, what they want to inflict on the innocent.  And it's true, they succeed in a sense - do any of us respond to breaking news today as we did before September 11?  Or even before the Oklahoma City bombing?  However, we are different from them because while we go through the natural course of emotions, we don't stop at our fear, our anger, our terror or our grief.  We continue on in our hope, our generosity, our compassion and our grace.  As we remember Boston and carry forth through what the future holds, hold tight to your hope and believe in the good that continues to endure. 



  1. What you said is profound and it made me think a lot about all the things I DO have in life! Things in my life lately haven't been all that great lately. I used to (seemingly) have it all and I have kind of been in pity-party mode for quite sometime, but it is times like this when I have to sit and think...I still have it "all." I am blessed with a wonderful family, fabulous friends, a home, a car, etc., etc. I am so saddened by what has happened and it really did make me sit back and "shift my priorities."

    Your words were beautiful. Thank you!

    Thank you for your scrap gift too...you are a breath of fresh air, girl!

  2. As a Bostonian I want to thank you, Harper, for your beautiful sentiments. It was only a matter of time before some psycho succeeded in wreaking devastation on a sporting event, and that truly sucks.

    What makes yesterday additionally tragic is that many families of the Newtown shooting victims were in those stands and their loved ones were being honored at the finish line. So much tragedy for those poor people.

    We can't forget, also, that two of the planes used in the 9/11 attacks were Boston based...my brother lost 7 coworkers on one of those planes.

    If you look back on the events that have changed our world you'll see a lot of them have happened on what we, in MA, celebrate as Patriot's Day. Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech and now our own marathon. The extremists may rattle us for a little while in the wake of these tragedies, but they will NEVER break us...EVER...in Boston or anywhere in the US!

    Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for our beautiful city.

    1. My heart breaks for you and yours having to experience this all in your own backyard. Boston holds a very, very special place in my heart - it's one of my parents' favorite places in the world. In fact, they flew home from Logan Airport the morning of Sept. 10. But as you know only all too well - the experience of these devastating tragedies is unspeakable when it's where you call home, your idea of the safest place in the world. Boston is the epitome of everything great about America and the epicenter of why we have the freedoms and liberties that we have today. Hope to get out there in the near future and honoring y'all by doing what Bostonians do best - cheering on the BoSox at Fenway. Hugs and love to you!