30 July 2013

Island Hopping...

Shall I start with the new release or with the confession?  The new release, of course!  Now available in shop is my brand new kit, "Island Hopping," a perfect resource to document all of your tropical adventures, beach side strolls and family summer outings.

This kit was inspired by my parents' love for New Zealand, Tahiti, Bora Bora and the sunshine filled and sandy holidays spent at our home in Florida.  I know, it's definitely not exactly Kiwi-centric but I always combine the three due to geographical association.  ( BTW I know I have a few very awesome friends out there in New Zealand - so, you know, if you ever want to have an Okie house guest one of my bucket list moments is bungee jumping in Queenstown!)  Some of my most cherished memories have to do with sunshine, sand, the ocean and family moments.  It's weird but little is more therapeutic to me than the smell of coconut oil and sunshine touching my skin.  I'm thankful to have a taste of that in my own backyard, where I spend many afternoons pool-side, on a daily basis in the summer months, but nothing beats being on a sandy beach with the sound of waves crashing being the soundtrack of your night.  I've been around the world with 28 years on my belt and very little can compete with it.  So, alas, my brand new collection.  I hope it encompasses even a sliver of that magic, a sliver of that perfect combination of rest, sun, sandy toes and salt water.

I have a very special mini kit available, should the whole kit not fit in your budget, which is available as a gift to all Donor Club members but which I'm making available to everyone should they wish to purchase it individually.  

It's freebie time!  I have a special add-on for you all in celebration of "Island Hopping."

Thanks for stopping by!