28 October 2013

Oh baby, baby!

Ugh...having a cold is the WORST.  Okay, not really....but still!  Blurgh.  Who has time for a cold with Halloween happening this week?  :-/  The only thing that can possible make up for all of this is......I finally get to share with you all the news I've been dying to shout from the roof tops since the beginning of September....I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!

Before I get all ooey-gooey on you all, check out my nephew Hoss (Boxer) and his SERIOUS Blue Steel.  He clearly will never forgive my sister for making his wear that Pumpkin outfit.  LoL  But seriously, I am SO excited I can't even articulate it.  Don't even get me started on baby clothes/socks/shoes.  I will be bankrupt before this baby even gets here!  Okay, enough about babies and on to the goodies...

We're kicking off the Halloween celebration on Wednesday with a "Trick or Treat" scavenger hunt!  Come back tomorrow to find out the details.  Psst...make sure you're signed up for my newsletter AND following me on Facebook. ;-)

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  1. Ahhhh Congrats Harper and also a BIG Congrats to your sister & BnLaw ...THANK YOU ;~} for the alphas their awesome...Hey did you ever fix that download that had the school year words ..example ~~~~kindergarten first grade ~I think that was the one....

  2. I am sooooo happy for you! A baby is such a blessing! Congrats to all the family. Here's to an easy, problem free pregnancy and a safe delivery for the momma and baby.
    Thanks also for sharing your talents! Love all the cool things you have designed and then shared.

  3. Good Morning, Harper! So sorry you are fighting a cold and I pray you win. Congratulations on the upcoming bundle of joy. What an exciting time for all of you and I pray that all goes well for your sister's pregnancy and delivery. Such a cute way to announce the news.
    I want to thank you for all the amazing, cute, fun, adorable, and fantastic designs that you share with us. They are so appreciated. Being a grandma with health issues, I can't always buy what I would like to and your freebies brighten my days and make me happy. THANK YOU!
    Get well soon. God bless, and big hugs.