27 May 2014

BBQ Alphas

Oh the joys of being dependent on technology!  You know how others proclaim how they are simply shocked with how much they get done when they stay off the computer?  Well I am pretty much the opposite of that!  This has literally been the ordeal that keeps of flopping.  I'm currently on my backup of my backup laptop while I get the new main laptop set up and going.  And, of course, the backup-backup is working perfectly...except whenever I try to use Photoshop.  I know one day I laugh...but not today!

Can we just take a moment to go over how expensive laptops have become?  When I was a kid you could get a laptop with 10 game tickets....no, not really!  But jeesh, it has not been an easy experience navigating what system would work best and have everything I need - because, you know, if you have to go big you might as well get all your boxes checked the first time.  My favorite part of the experience was being told that I would want to purchase Computer A instead of Computer B because it had everything I needed for just under $2,000.  *Record Screech* Looks like I'll be having to put off buying that Yacht until next summer.  Heck, at that price I better be receiving a complimentary Yacht with purchase!

I managed a moment of clarity (between computer price induced panic attacks) and came up with something kind of cool for y'all in gratitude for being so awesome through everything.  
Introducing... "The Big 'ol Gift Card Shopping Spree."

Purchase this $20 gift card and receive a shopping spree in the amount of $75. All gift cards must be used by June 30 and may be redeemed by E-mailing me with a list of items you wish to receive.  If you have any questions just shoot me an E-mail at imharperfinch@gmail.com  

This isn't the only amazing deal happening now over in the shop!

I've re-added a bunch of kits to my shop as well.

Don't leave without your freebie!


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