28 May 2014

New Free Kit

The heavens have aligned and I'm finally back to work!  As I said before, I was way WAY too excited when I booted up Photoshop today.  I know, life choices and all...haha  I don't know about y'all but I'm tired of the same ol' and am ready for some new goodies.  Keep yours eyes peeled for this weekend and a whole slew of new kits, collections and more.  For now, check out what's happening in the shop and don't forget to grab your free download of "Rise and Shine."

Have you snagged your Big Ol' Gift Card Shopping spree?  Purchase this $20 gift card and receive a shopping spree in the amount of $75. All gift cards should be used by June 30 and may be redeemed by E-mailing imharperfinch [!at] gmail.com with a list of items you wish to receive.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy "Rise and Shine."


  1. This is the cutest kit ever! Thank you for your generosity.

  2. Thank you!! You're so generous!

  3. Thank you for sharing this kit. I love the faces on the food.

  4. Thank you... this is so super cute!