13 October 2014

Kids' Week

It's a wet start to the week here in Tulsa and I have to be honest... I LOVE IT!  I definitely enjoy the sunshine and time spent poolside but there's just something so cosy and comforting about Fall weather.  Yet another reason why I need to move to England, preferably London. :-)

Sunday was International Children's Day and I've decided to have a week long celebration honoring all of the amazing kiddos in our lives.  That's the whole point of scrapping isn't it?  Document the times you've spent with the ones you love and never forget a moment worth remembering.  The most important kiddo in my life, my niece Quinn, is turning 6 months old on Tuesday and I'm shocked by how fast the time has gone by.  I was blessed to have some serious Quinn time this weekend and I can honestly say that I now have a new definition of what a perfect afternoon is to me.  Never did I think it would involve pureed carrots, a laughing baby and teaching my niece how to do the running man.  (FYI she has already mastered the cabbage patch...as long as I move her arms for her.)

I needed to re-stock in preparation for the all of the photos I'll be taking and layouts I'll be making, thus my new kit "Hello Baby" now available in the shop.  Spend $10 and receive "Baby" for FREE!
Clear off your wish list and grab a kit or three and earn this awesome gift.

Here's a little "Hello Baby" freebie for you to grab before you go.


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