11 October 2014

Teen Dreams & Weekend Freebies

Alright, y'all, get your popcorn ready - I have a funny story to share.  Let's all journey back to the yesteryear of 1997 when Leonardo DiCaprio was on top of the world, the Spice Girls invaded the States and a fresh faced 12 year old Harper had her life changed in the space of an "MMMBop."  Yep, Hanson ruled the charts and my heart, giving a slightly awkward teenager in Tulsa a reason to become overly excited and take pride in her south Tulsa suburbia existence. Let me set the mood with a perfect reminder of what it's like to be 12.

I think we can all agree that the best part of being a tween/teen in the 90s/80s/70s is the fact that social media was relatively non-existent - no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, nor Vine to document all of your awkward moments and teen enthusiasms.  The fact that the evidence of my youthful exploits, growing pains and embarassing mishaps are not available as part of my digital foot print is beyond comforting.  Well, if you have siblings you know that those things will never, ever be forgotten and will be brought up at any opportune time they find.  Last night my sister did just that.  

This would be a selfie my sister took (with a colleague) last night at an event for a charity she is on the board for.  In the middle is Taylor Hanson.  In true sisterly fashion my brightest and best Hanson related moments were recounted, in full, for Taylor's entertainment.  My 12 year old self died a little bit but my 29 year old self was incredibly amused.  You have to laugh at yourself sometimes, right?  So I'd like to thank my big sister for her efforts last night and adding to the bottomless pile of anecdotes to bring up the next time I bring a guy home for dinner.  I have to send an even bigger thank you to the Hanson brothers for the role they played in my formative years, their continued support and involvement in our shared hometown of Tulsa, and for never giving me a reason to regret my love and continued enthusiasm for their music. 
 P.S. Just in case my sister didn't stress it enough - I promise you that I never stalked you nor cried hysterically/shrieked in your presence.  Everything else is probably true. 

I have to apologize for this post coming much later than I had promised but I swear that I had a very valid excuse.

I can't believe this little munchkin is going to be 6 months old on Tuesday!  Having my niece in my life has given me joy, helped me find grace, made me humble and solidified my faith in God and my fellow man.  I can't wait to see what the next 6 months (and beyond) have to bring.  
Not pictured: The pureed carrots Quinn spit up all over me 30 seconds later.

Hopefully you're still with me because I have more the share - including a new freebie and sneak peek at my next kit.  Here we go...

Of course, I couldn't make a post about when I was young without my "We are Young" collection.

Don't forget your freebie!

Have an amazing rest of the weekend :-)


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  1. First thanks so much for all the freebies you share. Your work is amazing. Second, congrats on your selfie with Taylor! I am a total nerd and I attend Comic Con every year and get pics with my idols present and past. Nerd up!