11 June 2015

"100 Days" rolls on...

Just when I thought I'd had more than enough of the rain summer comes roaring in with 100 degree days.  Oy Vey.  Thank the Lord for air conditioning and the pool in my backyard.  Every summer cloud has a silver lining, right?  Speaking of Summer...

The Summertime Shuffle rages on!  For a limited time you can pick up my store offer for $10 and my $100 Shopping Spree when you use the coupon code SUMMERTIMESHUFFLE @ checkout.

Save on those offers and everything else in the shop.

I have THREE pieces from the "100 Days of Summer" collection to give out to y'all today.  The patterns can be found in today's Facebook post, the elements will be available in my next newsletter and you can the solid patterns + glitter in today's post.

Missing any of the first three downloads?  Grab them below.

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  1. My neck of northern Cali (Redwoods) hasn't had any hot weather, but we haven't had rain either. Would love the rain...even if just for a couple days. LOL