09 June 2015

Facebook Giveaway!

Each morning, without fail, I start out my day savoring my last few moments in bed by checking E-mail, catching up with the latest news from CNN Mobile (plus perusing various gossip websites, ha!) and getting updated with social media.  Little did I know that Facebook had quite the surprise for me this morning - the amazing news that the HF Designs Facebook page has surpassed 1800 "Likes" today.  Without fail - I'll find myself getting stressed over one thing, bummed over another and ready to just call it a day but then something wonderfully amazing will happen and it is always because of y'all.  What a blessing life is with all of you my side.

In gratitude I'm giving out my favorite summer collection, "100 Days of Summer" to all of you this week.  Yay!!!  Part #1 is available NOW over on Facebook and Part #2 can be found at the end of today's post.

I don't know about y'all but summer is definitely in full swing here!  Soccer, sunshine, scrapping and suntan lotion, how could a girl ask for more?  Join me in celebrating the season with my " Summertime Shuffle" happening now.

I have two AMAZING offers available now in the shop!  Offer one allows you access to my entire 2013/2014 shop for $20.  This includes 400+ items, all of which is listed when you checkout the listing in the shop.  

Offer two lets you pick out $100 worth of store merchandise for $20.  This offer includes the 2015 shop, which isn't available in offer one.  Pick up both offers and grab the best of both worlds!  

Checkout all of this and so much more over in the shop.

Download time!  Head to the Facebook page to download the "100 Days" alphas and pick up the Word Art below.

Check back to find out where and how you can download the rest of the kit!