02 November 2015

Halloween Catch-Up

Phew, what a weekend.  There were no hurricanes, thank God(!), but we did have three cases of bronchitis, one unexpected out-patient surgery and not nearly enough time to celebrate.  I turned *gulp* 31 this weekend and it was definitely a low-key affair with over half the family sick but still nice nonetheless.  That and Halloween made me fall a tick behind schedule so I'm playing catch up these next few days.  I have a special (belated) Halloween treat for you all that can be found in today's blog post AND a fabulous special birthday coupon.  Use the coupon code BIRTHDAYTREAT to SAVE $3 on any order in the shop, including all of my Halloween and Fall kits.

Here's your Halloween treat!  Download the patterns and elements below and pick up the coordinating solids Tuesday on my Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous start to your week.


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