29 October 2015

Woodland Tea Party Elements

In honor of my birthday (tomorrow!), Halloween AND Throwback Thursday - I must share this amazing photo of a 3 year old me dressed up for Halloween 1987.  I was a free spirit even then and (clearly) had already developed quite the sweet tooth!  HA! 

Apparently I was very much involved in the creation of my costume and had a clear vision for what I did and did not want to be apart of my outfit, down to my socks and my shoes.  Whether that's actually true or not - the entire thing is AMAZING and I couldn't be more proud of my 3 year old self.

There are many fabulous treats I have in celebration of my birthday & Halloween....but first we need to wrap up this "Woodland Tea Party" we've been having the past week.  I've included the second to last round of new goodies at the end of today's post.  However, there's much, much more happening in the shop!  

Download the "Woodland Tea Party" elements 1-4 below.  Check your inbox Friday for a recap of all Tea Party freebies including the patterns and alphas.

Stay tuned to find out when/where you can pick up the Tea Party finale and what I have planned for my Birthday/Halloween celebrations.



  1. thank you so much! love this kit!

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