11 January 2016

It's the first blog post of 2016 - huzzah! Are you excited for the new year?  I am! Though my feelings on it so far are best summed up by my nephew Hoss (below).  Come on 2016, don't fail me now! 
Here's to hoping these new kits and fabulous freebies will help get some good juju out into the world!

  I'm so excited to finally be able to give you all a first look at what my 2016 shop will have in store.  I present to you my first collection of the new year - Winter Fun!  Seriously, what's NOT fun about Winter?! (Don't answer that!)  Adorable Penguins, silly snowmen, hot cocoa, snowball fights, snowflakes and ice rink - this collection everything that makes you love winter.  There are 6 parts to this collection and you can purchase each separately now.

"Glitzed" is also available now in the shop.  

If you're a Donor Club member you will/have received this kit free.  Free kit?  Did someone say free kit?  Join my 2016 Donor Club to receive "Glitzed" and a whole lot more all year long!
 (P.S. There's a "Winter Fun!" mini kit heading to all DC Inboxes tomorrow!)

That's not the only offer available in the shop.  Check these babies out!

What does the 2015 shop look like it?  See for yourself!

Awesome, right?  Not nearly as awesome as the mother of all deals - The Take Lot Shop offer!  Receive everything you see above in the 2015 shop in addition to 300+ more kits and add-ons.  It's simply not possible to show previews for everything included but I did put together a few to give you all some general idea.  

Can you ever have too many scrapbook kits?  Never!  Not only will you receive of of these fabulous goodies to add to your stash, a $20 credit for my 2016 shop comes along with it.  Say whaatt?  Go big or go home, right? Here's a bit more info on that as well as a few FAQ I've answered about these offers.

Redeeming $20 Bonus Gift Cards: If you purchase one of my fabulous holiday offers then you've automatically earned yourself a $20 credit to my 2016 shop.  You may go about redeeming this by one of two ways.  

1.) Contact me by E-mail with a one time list of $20 worth of items in my shop, upon receipt I'll E-mail you the requested downloads.
2.) Use your credit to take $20 off any shop order of $22 or more.  This option requires the use of a coupon code which I've E-mailed out to everyone with qualifying offers.  If you have NOT received this information then please E-mail me ASAP at imharperfinch@gmail.com

Please note that previously I had said your coupon code would be that number of your qualifying order.  This, however, is no longer the case due to a logistical error with Etsy so please contact me if you are still unsure about what this code is and/or have not heard from me.  You may use this bonus credit only once and it must be used entirely in that one use.

 You may make any purchase in my shop with your $20 credit excluding my holiday shop offers and donor club memberships.  Everything else is valid.  

You have until January 31st to use your bonus credits.

Store Links: All links are available upon purchase by downloading and opening the .TXT files which you should receive access to after purchase.

The original file listings in these .TXT documents contained a few errors and missing links.  These have all been corrected and updated.  You should have received an E-mail by now with this information.  If you have not then please contact me ASAP at imharperfinch.blogspot.com
You may download these items at your leisure but please do not share links.

Too much talking, not enough freebies? I totally agree!  Pick up the first two freebies of 2016 below.

We all derive our inspiration from different places and varied sources, but few, if any, encapsulated the ability to inspire more than David Bowie. He pushed boundaries, he made you think outside the box, he challenged our social constructs, he gave voice to those who had only ever known silence, he didn't just change the game - he re-invented it. There are so many people alive today because of David Bowie.  He was a true original and the ultimate advocate for all misfits and outcasts.  He made it okay to be weird and for that, and more, he will always be a hero and his legend will live on.  He wasn't perfect but he made it okay to be imperfect.  Music, and Walk-offs, will never be the same


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