14 January 2016

In Memory of the Half-Blood Prince

When I was around 15 and it was announced that they'd be turning the Harry Potter books into a film series I was beyond excited but also wary because movies never live up to the book, especially books you truly love.  I remember the first casting announcement being that of Alan Rickman as Snape and to me that was the ultimate Mic Drop moment. I was sold.  The next 10 years of my movie going life were mapped out, my money was ready to be handed over.  I knew that the movies were going to do justice to the text and I still stand firmly by the belief that it is the most genius casting in any film I've ever seen.  I was huge fan of his before and this only solidified it.

I'll spare you the 7 part series of novels detailing everything I love about Harry Potter, why they mean so much, how truly enjoyable the movies are, how perfectly they were executed and why Alan Rickman is the only person who could ever, ever, ever play Snape.  In the absence of that, I'll simply say that I can't wait to share these movies (and books) with my niece. I can't pay anyone a higher compliment than that.

I've decided to give away my "Yer a Wizard, Harry" collection in hopes it brings a little happiness your way.  It's the first kit I created that I truly loved and one of my most popular but I thought it would be appropriate to share it now.  I'll be giving out each piece over the next few days through my Newsletter (which you can sign-up for HERE), on Facebook and here on my blog. You can stay up to date on when and where you can find each part by following me on Facebook.

This is usually where I'd show you what's new in the shop, share any special offers, etc. but I'd rather this tribute not be mistaken for something it isn't.  In lieu of that - you can download Part One of the "Harry" kit below.

Rest in Peace.



  1. I was so saddened to hear of Alan Rickman's death today. I am a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter movies and I've seen them all enough to probably quote every line! I'd say I probably have one of the movies playing at least 2x a month if not 1x a week! My house chore day is basically a Harry Potter marathon ;) I love it in the background. My head is clear and I always know what's going on without the need to watch.
    I share in your sadness and I will thoroughly enjoy your kit. I don't comment nearly as often as I should, but I sincerely appreciate your generosity and kindness. Your talent is tremendous, and whenever I see your freebies posted it brings pure joy to my day! Thank you so much.

  2. the HP series is one of our family's favorite movies. This is an awesome collection; thanks for sharing it!

  3. Thanks ever so much for the alpha and yes, RIP to a magnificent actor that will be terribly missed, especially that awesome sexy voice of his! :(

  4. The world has lost another great talent. Thanks for sharing this great kit.