15 January 2016

"Yer a Wizard, Harry" elements freebie

It has been a heck of long week (seriously Friday, what took you so long?) but this made laugh and I just had to share.  Quinn, my perfect niece, has been taking gymnastics classes since September and unsurprisingly it took her no time to become a master class 18 month old gymnast and to rule the entire gym.  That being so, it was decided that we were going to expand her horizons beyond the gym and sign her up for a (toddler) dance class. I use the term "class" very loosely as all of you parents understand from your own experience.  

Last night came the news (AKA E-mail) that there would be a film crew (all the way from ~LA) arriving on Saturday to film some sort of video and there was a chance Q's class would be filmed.  Now I know, we all tend to have rose colored glasses on when it comes to our own nieces, nephews, kiddos and grandkiddos but seriously - coincidence?  Or not so subtle attempt by Hollywood to sign this child to a multi-movie/multi-record deal?  I think this photo answers that question.
Watch out world, here comes Q.Jo!

In scrapbook news....I have new kits to show, shop offers to remind you of and a kit to give away.  First up is your look at my first new release of 2016: WINTER FUN!  This collection includes 6 packs and you can purchase each separately in the shop.  If you love winter and you love fun then "Winter Fun" is obviously the perfect kit for you!

I've kicked off my 2016 Donor Club and have your first look at some of the amazing things I'll be giving out this year to all members. What's a Donor Club?  I'm glad you asked!  The Donor Club is, essentially, one year of access to exclusive freebies, free kits, special offers and more.  These freebies are in addition to the freebies I regularly give out on the blog and many of which will be available exclusively to donor club members.  DC members will also receive one full kit from my shop each month as a free gift.  Sounds pretty cool, eh?  Pick up your membership over in the shop!

The first DC goodies of the year are out and you can now take a peek at the first freebies you'll be receiving.  Multiply what you see below x 12 and you'll get a rough idea of what to expect with your membership.  

Take advantage of my other fabulous holiday offers while they're still available.

Get everything I released last year when you purchase my 2015 Shop Offer.  You'll receive everything you see below and a $20 Gift Card to use in my 2016 shop - all for $20!  Crazy? Yes, CRAZY AWESOME!  

Looking for something even better?  My "Take the Lot" offer is perfect for you!

My "Take the Lot" offer comes with not only my 2015 store but my entire shop - that's 450+ kits - plus a $20 Gift Card to my 2016 shop for $25.  Yep, it really is that faboo! ;-)  It would be impossible to show everything included but I've made an attempt below (and above - you get the 2015 shop as well, don't forget).

Now what you've all been waiting for...the latest downloads for "Yer a Wizard, Harry" are here.  I've decided to give out one of my favorite kits and you can collect it over the next few days. Stay up to date on when and where you can download each part by following me on Facebook.  You'll be able to find this pack of Banners over there on Saturday

Part two of the HP patterns will be available in Saturday's newsletter...while part one is available in today's newsletter.

Pick up the "Harry" add-on in the Facebook post I've linked below.

I gave out the coordinating alphas in yesterday's blog post but you can also find it here.

Today's blog freebie - the "Harry" elements - can be snagged below.

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  1. Wonderful kit! Thank you for your generosity.

  2. Awesome! Big THANKS! Love the wooden texture of the HP alpha!