15 April 2016

Friday Freebie: #hashtag

We officially have a two year old! She was so pumped for her family party last night and it was all I could do to keep up with her.  My amazing brother in law spent three hours in the pitch dark wearing a head lamp putting together Q's new play set so it would be ready for to play with on for her birthday.  Seriously, what kind of parenting goals?  So we would run outside, climb up, down and all around, go down the slide, repeat 10x, then run back inside to look at the robot on her birthday cake, remind everyone she's two, ask if it was presents time and then back out the door we'd go to repeat it all again.  I definitely earned my slice of Robot cake (which was delicious!).  Next up is the "big" party on Saturday friends and family!  There's going to be a huge Elmo cake (it's obviously ~tacky to repeat the same cake!) so I'll be sure to let you all know which - Elmo or Robots - tasted best.

Quinn with her dad and special Q/2 pancakes on her 2nd birthday.
I may not have any birthday cake to share but I DO have a gift for everyone!  I'm celebrating #happybirthdayquinn by giving out my new kit - #HASHTAG - free to all of you.  I absolutely love the kit and hope you all will too.  

It's time to reveal even more of the kit! Next up?  The word art and alphas!  You can find word art pack one now over on Facebook, word art pack #2 in Saturday's newsletter and the alphas + patterns pack #3 in today's post. The elements will be coming Sunday so stay tuned! 

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It's #HASHTAG time! Catch up on the parts released thus far...

....keep a tab on the ones to come...

...and get this pack of alphas + patterns part three!

When can you get the next round?  Stay tuned!