05 May 2016

May the 4th be with you!

The iNSD party doesn't start until this weekend but my Star Wars loving heart just couldn't wait to give you a freebie!  I've never missed a good opportunity to give away freebies so why start now?  My niece is obsessed with robots.  Like OBSESSED.  We spent part of Saturday playing with her new R2D2 bubble machine and she absolutely loved it.  She loved it even more when she realized how funny it was to direct the bubbles at Reeses (my doxy/beagle mix) which led to Quinn picking up R2D2 and giving Reeses a steady stream of bubbles to follow her all around the yard. 

I really, really wanted to make a Star Wars robot kit in honor of my niece's love but I try to avoid infringing on the work of others - not to mention avoiding any and all Disney/LucasFilm lawsuits!  Luckily I DO have this robot kit that I whipped up a while ago and I'm going to be sharing it with you all in honor of it being May 4th!  But first.... I have Star Wars GIFs to share!

Are you guys ready for iNSD this weekend?!?!  You better be!  I've been busy, busy creating new kits and putting freebies, freebies, freebies for you all.  The fun officially begins on Friday but I'm releasing my biggest/best iNSD offer a day early.  Purchase the 2016 Part One Shop Offer to receive ALL kits released between January 1, 2016 and June 1,2016 for $30!  Check out the listing in the shop for all the details.  Offer expires May 14 so don't miss it. 

Ready for the freebie?  You've got it!

Stay tuned for iNSD freebies, more special offers and so much more!

May the force be with you...