08 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing Mamas out there - especially the cool ones!

As the daughter to one of the world's best moms (and sister to another amazing new mom!) I can vouch for everyone when I say it is truly impossible to express how much you are loved, how necessary you are to our lives and our happiness, how grateful we are to have your support, understanding and unconditional love.  

There's no better way to kick off a Mother's Day (or any day!) than with this Brunch Crew. I don't exactly know why my hair looks as if half of my head is shaved and that the other half has never been brushed...but who can seriously look at anything other than Q's dimples?  Exactly.  I. AM. SO. FULL.  Gourmet Macaroons at breakfast?  Every day should be Mother's Day! Brunch at the 624 is an absolute must, trust me. 

Before I pass out in a post-Brunch food coma I wanted to remind you all of what's happening this fabulous iNSD 2016 weekend!  The offer of all offers is most definitely this baby!  Get ALL of my kits released January 1 - June 1 (45 packs/kits thus far!), a $20 GC you can use through August 1 AND a $10 discount on part two (coming in December!) of my shop.  

A close look at what's included....

How 'dem iNSD freebies??  You have to go big or you might as well stay home!  So far I've given out the ABC 123 Numbers Elements, ABC 123 Word Art and the Gone Fishin elements.  You'll find part of the ABC 123 Numbers in today's post, part two in tomorrow's post, the Gone Fishin alphas later over on Facebook and the Gone Fishin Patterns in tomorrow's newsletter.  Got all that?  Okay, let's try this again!

Pick up the Gone Fishin' alphas this evening over on my Facebook page.

...get the Gone Fishin elements from yesterday's newsletter below...

...download the Numbers Word Art from Facebook below...

...find the  the Numbers elements below...

...and get the ABC 123 Numbers Part One below!

The ABC 123 Numbers Part Two will be shared in tomorrow's blog post and the Gone Fishin patterns will be in tomorrow's newsletter.  Or something like that :-)

Have an amazing Sunday/Mother's Day!