11 August 2016

Cake Freebies + Sale

The Olympics, y'all, the Olympics!  I am obsessed.  This isn't anything new or different from any other Olympics but all the same - I AM PUMPED!  Simone Biles and Team USA are going to bring it tonight along with Michael Phelps (and my pretend bae Nathan Adrian!) and I just need to slip into my comfiest sweats, grab a Coke and some popcorn and then I'll be ready.  Obviously I've been so inspired by the incredible athletic fetes that I am really amping up my workout routine, LoL  Hey, I swim (and work on my tan) most days!  It's totally the same. ;-)

  I had to take a break from my Olympic stan-a-thon to share a bit of news, announcing my brand new sale and give out a new freebie. <3

Get the entire "Cake by the Ocean" collection in one HUGE bundle and save 40% when you use coupon code CAKE40 @ checkout.

Save big on one of my other summer collections/kits through August 15.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  The Olympics are calling my name so I'm going to leave your freebies below and then bounce.  Have an amazing weekend!



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  2. Hi Harper ! a bit dispite as one of the paper in the freebie patterned papers preview is not the one found in the file. And it was the one I want ! thanks anyway

  3. Thank you very much for your generosity! Love the kit!

  4. love your kits! whats your policy for personal and commercial use. Can your kits be used commercially? thanks!