19 August 2016

Free School Kit!

Today's post serves different purposes for different reasons, so I apologize in advance if it all becomes befuddled. 

I must begin with the story of Omran Daqneesh. Omran is 5 years old and until Wednesday evening, he shared a home with his family in Allepo, Syria.  His home was destroyed, though he and his family survived, after continued conflict erupted between Syrain defense operatives (i.e. the Army) and Daesh. (I use Daesh because they despise it and it lessens their impact.) A 48 hour ceasefire will expire this evening.  Let Omran's face remind you that there are people out there who feel he, nor his family, should be allowed to seek asylum (and the only safety they will ever know) in this country. You can form your own opinion.
I'll be donating ALL sales made in my shop the rest of the month, in addition to my own funds.  I've chosen the International Recovery Committee and UNICEF, both of which will be providing direct aid to Omran and the hundreds of thousands like him.  I encourage you to so as well.  

Now to take a HARD left....

It's time to head back to the classroom and I have a free kit to give out in honor of this yearly right of passage. Pick up part one of "Con-GRAD-ulations" at the end of today's post.
Here's a first look. 

With the kiddos at school it's the perfect time to start getting those planners ready and documenting your favorite summer memories.  When the kids are away.... the moms will play/scrap ;-)  Save 40% on everything in the shop with coupon code CAKE40

You can find the "Grad" papers below!

Best of luck to Selecao in tomorrow's World Cup final!  Bring it home, Neymar!  I'll be cheering, kitted and all.  
(Apologies to Germany, you know I love you)


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