20 September 2016

October Days: School Day

Where were you when you found out Brangelina had split?  

I wish them nothing but the best and I hope their precious kiddos are given the respect and privacy they deserve, I wouldn't wish something like this on anyone.  That said... #TeamAngie

How is it already September 20??  How is Halloween a month away?!  HOW?!! 
 I better get my butt in gear - there are seasonal kits to be made!  I'm happy to share the first of many to come.... OCTOBER DAYS: SCHOOL DAY.

I have two new "school" alphas in the shop as well.

But wait...there's so much more!

I have a fantastically fall free kit for you all!  Download the complete "Hello Fall" scrapbook kit below.



  1. Thank you so much! I love your work x x Anthea in Botswana

  2. Yes, your work is awesome! Thanks from Germany!