14 September 2016

The Battle of the Cold

This cold/flu I've got going on is not going to let me go easy but jokes on them - I'm now becoming accustomed to having a 5,000lb head full of mucus and lungs that don't feel like doing their fair share, so I'm winning this battle!  If I say it then it must be true, right? Gotta stay positive.

I cannot gush enough about what an incredible time we had down in Florida.  Hurricane Hermine definitely made the first day interesting but nothing could put a dint in the amazing vacation we had.  Y'all, the beach house we rented was absolutely ridiculous - I don't even know where to begin.  Let's just say that calling a multi-million dollar beach house your home for a week is definitely the way to go.

 This place was H-U-G-E and just gorgeous.  It's hard to pick one thing that I loved most but the pool area was where I spent most of my time.  Pool, hot tub, outdoor bar, giant TV, a canal, cute lizards, comfy couches to lounge on, ping pong tables, kayaks, paddle boards, wildlife watching, etc?  That was only one part of the house! Too lazy to walk upstairs?  Just take the in-house elevator up to the second floor.  Too tired to walk the few steps to the beach?  Hop in the golf cart or grab one of the restored Schwinn bicycles.  It was heaven and I will hopefully be back sooner than later.

I haven't even begun to go through my film but I'll be getting a LOT of mileage out of my "Cake by the Ocean" collection, that's for sure! 

I can't believe I came home to discover that Fall had arrived but I'm not complaining because this is my favorite time of the year.  Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... I'M READY!  Get yourself ready with one of my Fall-themed kits and save 40% when you use coupon code FALL2016 at checkout. (The are much, much more in the shop!)

FREE KIT TIME!  I'm giving away TWO kits in honor of summer turning to fall and you can get the first complete kit - Poolside - below.



  1. Fantastic - love the colours. Thank you. :-D
    That house looks awesome.

  2. Thanks but not all the patterns shown are in the zipped file...unless I did something wrong...