12 September 2016

So Long Summer...Hello Fall!

I've been home two full days and this is the first I've been able to lift my head from the bed thanks to this post-vacay cold/flu.  Oy Vey!

 It has been an absolutely crazy past 10 days and I'm finally getting things back in order after a few unwelcome hiccups.  Before I get to that.... Look at this cutie building her first sand castle.  All together now....AWWWW!

Baby Finch (Quinn) 
Our vacation was incredible - oh Gosh, was it incredible!  I'll be sharing more about it over the next few days but I have to get these announcements out of the way. So....last Friday we caught a 6am flight out of Tulsa and I thought I'd be fine just taking a power nap and then getting some good sleep while on the plane.  This was the perfect plan...until it wasn't.  I was so tired going through security at 4:30am (apparently 4:30am is a time of day people are actually awake for??) that I completely forgot about taking my Laptop out of my bag to be scanned.  This was an intensely traumatic discovery for me - I cannot lie.  We'd won the battle against Hermine and I was basking in the glow of being in this truly incredible beach house with all of these people that I love and then...whomp, whomp!

Long story short, the laptop was found and held for me until we got back home.  As someone whose laptop is an actual appendage it was a very unwelcome sensation to be without it and to make things worse it completely messed up being able to communicate with y'all, sending out newsletters, etc.  Did I mention that I lost my phone and broke my newest Kindle within the same 48 hour period?  Yep, THAT happened.  So...yeah...LoL I'm back and I'm slowly regaining my digital sanity.  

Word to the wise: Should you ever feel like you're losing your mind I cannot recommend enough jumping fully clothed into the ocean with your 2 year old niece as she experiences waves for the first time.  That child, I swear, what a constant blessing she is.  Fearless she is, fearless.

10+ Days without freebies is NOT okay in my book so I'm going to be making it up to y'all by giving out two of my absolute favorite kits - "Poolside" for summer and "Hello Fall" for autumn.  YAY!  You'll be able to find the "Poolside" patterns and the end of today's newsletter, the "Poolside" elements in tomorrow's newsletter, the "Hello Fall" patterns in Wednesday's blog post and the coordinating elements in Thursday's newsletter.

Pick up one of these "So Long Summer...Hello Fall!" kits at 40% off when you use coupon code FALL2016.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Is there an alternate way to get your newsletter? When I sign up the confirmation email is blocked from my email so I can never confirm, hence I don't get your newsletter. :,( I've tried adding you to my address book but it doesn't make any difference.

  2. Thank you so much for the cute Poolside papers and elements! :)

    I love the pic of Baby Finch - she is such a cutie! <3

  3. SPLASH! Your kit inspires me to go for a swim workout this week. I love doing those laps. Of course this kit has lots of sunshine - and my community pool is indoors. The up side is that I can jump in all winter. Thanks for the colorful workout!