26 October 2016

My Hallowday Kick-Off!

It's my birthday and I can celebrate if I want to!  Okay, the big day isn't officially until Sunday and Halloween isn't until Monday but who said we have to wait to celebrate?  I'm doing so in a big way with a fabulous sale - save 51% with coupon code MYHALLOWDAY - and a new free kit.  I think you all are really going to love this one and I'm excited to share the first part in today's post.

Fill your Trick or Treat bags with one of these fabulous Halloween treats in the shop.  I've gone ahead and bundled up my seasonal favorites so you can get them all at one time.

Let's get to those freebies, shall we?  You can find the "My Hallowday" solids later tonight over on my Facebook page while the first pack of patterns are available below.

Having an amazing evening, y'all!



  1. Party on! Throw that confetti on all celebrants. YIPEE! Thanks for such peppy papers.

  2. For one, I have to say I love your graphics!
    Two: Thank you for the freebies!
    Three.... This post made me giggle SO HARD! I looooved that SNL sketch!