20 October 2016

New Release: Pumpkin Spice

I don't know if you have had your life blessed by this incredible news yet or not, so just in case you haven't heard then please allow me to be the first to tell you that you can now stream Garth Brooks on Amazon!!!! This is literally me right now...

It is very rare that I go "full Oklahoma" but Garth Brooks brings it out of me and I am not even sorry, y'all. Seriously, it was absolutely impossible to stream his music on-line (except for on an obscure streaming service no one was checking for) so this is a very big deal. Do you think Amazon will pay me for inadvertently advertising for them?  *Fingers Crossed*  Okay, now back to scrapbook-ing...

There's a new sale, a new Free With Purchase, new kits and a new freebie - what more could you ask for?  Save 40% on my new collections - including PUMPKIN SPICE - when you the coupon code HALLOWEENTREATS at checkout.

You'll be receiving this beauty - HALLOWEEN TREATS - FREE when you make any purchase in the shop through Sunday.

 I love this time of year so I just can't help myself from making kits!  

Get the latest freebies below!

Have a happy Friday, y'all!


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