11 May 2013

New Release: Sea Shells & Sandy Toes

I'm "back" with a new collection, a new Donor Club mini kit and... a corresponding freebie!  If you're a subscriber to my newsletter then you've heard of my ailment (I'm 28 going on 90, I swear..) but if you aren't - my back has decided I have spent my life with far too well health and has corrected that by making my back go all...wonky?  Not that I don't truly love feeling like I'm going to die everytime I sneeze or laugh, let alone bend over...but good grief, Charlie Brown!  I'm kind of working through the pain so bear with me but I should be 100% caught up by Monday.  Okay, on to the goodies.... Introducing my brand new collection, "Seashells and Sandy Toes."

This gorgeous kit is available now in the Harper Finch Etsy store.  If you're a Donor Club member you will be receiving this add-on Mini Kit Sunday morning.  

How can you become a member of my Donor Club?  Simply head to my Etsy shop to purchase your membership.

Donor Club members will also be receiving a Mega kit called, "My Favorite Things," a first look at which is below.

There are 13 other pieces to this Mega, so if you like what you see - join the club and add this to your go-to scrapbook-ing stash.

New in store is also one last pack of add-on elements to "Party On."  If you missed this kit during iNSD you can purchase it now in my shop.

Ready for your freebie?  I have for y'all a "Seashells & Sandy Toes" corresponding alpha.

To all you Mothers out there, I hope you enjoy your day!  To the rest of you, give your mom a big hug and let her know how much she means to you. <3


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  1. Thank you so much!!! I have to say, I have been overwhelmed with this weird sadness today (not sure why..), just one of those days where you have the blues I guess. But your blog always cheers me up.

    Really, thank you for showing all of your gorgeous stuff and THANK YOU for the awesome alpha. As an alpha freak that really made my day. :)