12 May 2013

Love your Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!  I'm back with a look at more goodies, a sale and another freebie.  I decided to have a little Mother's Day sale for you all.  Use the code LOVEMUM at checkout in my Etsy shop to save 20% on all orders today only.

You will definitely want to use this coupon to grab my new release, "Sea Shells and Sandy Toes."

I have more to reveal from the Mega Kit I'll be giving away to all Donor Club Members!

How can you become a member of my Donor Club?  Simply head to my Etsy shop to purchase your membership.

There are 13 other pieces to this Mega, so if you like what you see - join the club and add this to your go-to scrapbook-ing stash.

Donor Club members also receive a series of Mini Kits through out the month.  When you join you'll automatically receive these first two Minis.

Ready for a freebie?  Here are a few Mother's Day Journal Cards, perfect for adding to your LOs about this special day!

Have an amazing day!


1 comment:

  1. Thank you so, so much for the JC's. I love them very much! I really can't wait until I am able to shop in your store soooooo much as to pay you back for all you do for us! You're a gem!